You're Doing it Wrong

You're Doing it Wrong - California Contour


“You're doing it wrong”,

4 words, no one wants to hear… 


Change is hard but change is inevitable.

Change is hard, but change is inevitable.

Most of the time, fortunately, change is good.

The only problem, is that change is hard and hard to understand.

Before the car, there was the covered wagon, before the umbrella, people just walked in the rain.

...Did you know, in fact, when the umbrella was invented, people used to make fun, even throw things at people, who were smarter and ahead of the curve, but who had the last laugh? More importantly, who stayed dry?

That's kind of like California Contour.

I get it, it’s new, it’s different, maybe even weird to some.

BUT, here’s the thing, your grandma may have been perfectly fine using her tanning goggles in the 70’s, when tanning became a “thing”.

You have adopted that because there was never another option. OR, maybe, you're one of the people who thinks a towel over your face is fine, not realizing… a towel only blocks 20% of UV.

WHAT YOU DON’T REALIZE (yet), is that the California Contour tanning shield has been around for 4 years. It has sold tens of thousands around the globe, maintains a nearly 5/5 rating and like the umbrella, is here to stay.

WHY?, because the shield protects the T-Zone.

That’s that part of the face that ages most quickly. Around the eyes, crows feet area, center of the forehead and finally, around the mouth.

Secondly, it allows the cheeks and upper portion of the forehead to get that natural glow, which like bronzer chisels and shapes the face into that “Kardasion Contoured” glow.

Contouring has actually been around for hundreds of years, so like it, and everyone’s desire with the umbrella to stay dry, California Contour IS here to stay.

So, I have one question for you; will you be one of the “smart ones” who knew about it before everyone else, or will you be one of the people who threw things at others, whom knew something they just didn’t understand yet?

Time will tell.


Be one of the smart ones and try today!

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