How does California Contour shield not leave tan lines?

How does California Contour shield not leave tan lines? - California Contour

The perfect contour is all about a flawless blend of light to dark.


How does California Contour shield not leave tan lines?

It's all about the hover!

The California Contour is designed to hover a thumb's distance off the face.

This distance off the face blurs the shadow to create a flawless blend of light to dark. Offering the best and most natural results.

If the shield is hovering the appropriate distance off the face it avoids harsh contoured tan lines.

When using California Contour check the shield's hovering distance with your thumb under all sides, ensuring you have one thumb lengths distance between the shield and your skin. 

Adjust the shield's bendable arms as needed to make the right gap spacing evenly around all sides of the face.


How is works in UV vs Spray Tans vs Sun

UV Tanning Bed Use:

The original California Contour was designed with UV tanning beds as the main place to use it. With that as the forefront to the design it is ideal for this type of tanning. When using under the face lamps in a UV bed, the lights perfectly curve and bounce around the shield in all the right places creating the optimal blended contour. 

UV Tanning Bed

Spray Tan:

The original California Contour Shield is ideal for spray tan applications. It works like a stencil. When you have the correct hovering distance off the face it will blur the edges creating your perfect blend of light to dark. If the shield is not hovering off the face it will create harsher tan lines. It really is all about the hover and ensuring the proper thumb gap distance off the face before applying a spray tan application. 

Spray Tan Application

 Outdoor Sun Use:

California Contour V2 Shield was specially designed for pool and beach use under the sun. If you sat perfectly still, the sun will continue to move through the sky, placing the light and shadows in different alignments over time. This natural movement of the sun will bounce the light off the shield creating a blend. To further avoid tan lines when outdoor tanning be use to route as needed to get equal amount of time evenly across the face.

 Outdoor Sun Tanning


By holding the shield a distance from the face, the gap blurs light’s shadow as well as sunless spray, leaving you with a perfect blend.

No tan lines, guaranteed.


For more directions watch our Setup Instructions

California Contour Setup Instructions 

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