Limited Time V2 Wholesale Rate

You will receive 10 units per month, a leased Platinum Video Display module, all at the special Wholesale Rate of $20.99 / per unit!
Recommended: 1 per each salon. Orders are processed the same week with 4-Day UPS shipping.

Ltd. Manufacturer Warranty

  • Warranty procedure cards now included in all unit boxes.

FREE Marketing Kit


  • Glossy room posters (Assorted)
  • Our beautiful marketing materials will have your customers asking you to buy CC on their own!
  • FAQ Sheet and Pro Launch Suggestions

FREE Training

  • Super simple launch instructions (one-sheet)
  • Frequently asked questions (one-sheet)
  • Quick sales cheat-sheet (one-sheet)
  • Free Zoom video training call w/ CC sales specialist (recommended/optional)